App Development

iOS and Android Apps

Mobiles (and tablets) are a key part of our life now.

In addition to support for mobile websites, apps for iOS and Android are now a core part of business strategy, especially for delivering services around location. PeppaCode specialises in apps for your business.

Businesses have seen this change and are now targeting cut down applications which suit mobility well. Your business may be having the same idea. Applications involving location tracking, push notifications and other device specific features are all part of our everyday life.

PeppaCode, with a strong background in software development and website design, is well placed to help your business with these needs. This could be a specific app designed for an iPhone/iPad or Android device or a mobile website that is designed to run on both types of device but deliver things in an easy to read display.

The world of mobile technology has its own intricacies. We will guide you through the can’s and cannot’s of mobile platforms and help you to define a suitable app. From there we can implement and take control of getting it developed, approved and then deployed through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

On completion PeppaCode will provide training on how to integrate the app into your current online solution. 

So why not contact PeppaCode to find out more about the sort of applications we can develop for your business on a smartphone or tablet device. All discussions are obligation free and an upfront understanding of the issues helps you guide and plan your business for this technological shift.

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